August 9, 2023

Building Capabilities for Last Mile Visibility

As a business itself, the logistics industry is constantly evolving, making it impractical to implement a one-size-fits-all approach to supply chain management. However, visibility is fundamental for all supply chains, regardless of their type, size, or industry.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the trucking and logistics industry had to adjust to the constantly changing circumstances. Supply chain disruptions were sped up and required immediate attention. Currently, technological advancements are also rapidly advancing. The top priority for shippers and carriers is to examine their procedures and workflows to enhance their operations.

logistics visibility platform

Understanding last-mile visibility

End-to-end supply chain visibility refers to the ability to track individual components, from raw materials to finished products, as they move from manufacturer to supplier to the final destination. However, companies need complete visibility in the last-mile stage, which is becoming increasingly significant in costs, effectiveness, and business differentiator.

Having visibility enables managers and dispatchers to make informed decisions when unexpected situations arise. It also provides fleet operators with greater insights into the performance of their trucks and drivers. Last-mile visibility is a must-have when promptly responding to customer inquiries about their order’s whereabouts and making the necessary adjustments. Meeting customers’ high expectations for unique delivery experiences can be challenging without this capability.

Visibility from the inside out

Last-mile delivery practices, especially regarding freight visibility, reflect how the organization handles information internally before sharing externally. For a business to provide real-time status updates, it must ensure all relevant data is accessible within the inner team. According to the American Productivity & Quality Center, only 47% of B2B companies report that real-time data regarding inventory, orders, warehousing, and shipments is accessible to a significant extent of the business.

Better internal visibility leads to increased transparency regarding the current status of orders. Transparency is key for organizations to manage delivery problems and meet customers’ rising expectations by offering greater insights into their operations.

last mile visibility

Benefits of a trustworthy logistics visibility platform

  • 1
    Improved customer experience
  • 2
    Better driver performance
  • 3
    Live last-mile tracking
  • 4
    Improved route optimization
  • 5
    Better asset and resources management

Last Mile Logistics offers SunConnect, a powerful solution for logistics management that will empower your business to meet every supply chain complexity. We will gladly help your organization to respond to changing market dynamics and become resilient to these challenging times. So please, call us if you have any questions regarding SunConnect or any other concerns.