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Expedited Shipping

Delivering shipments quickly with unmatched logistics.

Expedited Shipping professionals

When you need to move your time-sensitive freight quickly due to delays from capacity shortages, late inbound products to your facility, critical parts for broken equipment, or specialized products that must be at a location due to advertising or product launches, that is the time to use Last Mile Logistics powered by Sunteck expedited freight team. Our expedited shipping team is staffed 24/7/365. When it has to be there, we can move it safely and on time, no matter the item or size. Our on-time consistency rate of 99.3% – is exceptional no matter what the product.

Our Expedited team fleet consists of cargo and sprinter vans, air ride 24,26, and 28 foot straight trucks with lift gates, and 53-foot tractor-trailers.

Retailers, advertisers, e-commerce shippers, industrial manufactures and distributors, athletic teams, banks, automotive companies, and technology companies are just some of the key shippers that commonly utilize expedited shipping.

Other services that utilize expedited shipping:

Expedited shipping can offer white glove services, but it is not a standard feature. These services may be available as add-ons and can include inside delivery, unpacking, assembly, and installation.

Shipping carriers prioritize and expedite deliveries by using specialized routing and scheduling systems, premium service levels, dedicated personnel, and expedited transportation modes to ensure packages are delivered within tight timelines.

  • Higher costs
  • Potential disruptions due to weather resulting in unexpected delays
  • A need for close monitoring and communication to meet strict delivery schedule

To choose an expedited shipping provider, consider factors like their reputation for reliability, the range of services they offer, their network coverage, their ability to meet tight deadlines, and their customer support. It’s essential to verify their track record in delivering on time-sensitive commitments.

Residential expedited shipping delivery

Quick to respond – 24 / 7 / 365

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How Fast Can I Get My Freight?

Expedited shipping offers fast and reliable freight solutions for your B2B needs. It's not just about speed; it's delivering results for your business.

Looking for an expedited shipping partner?

Doesn’t matter the size or industry: health & beauty, industrial products, or sports & fitness.

The Last Mile Logistics expedited shipping team excels in the custom delivery and detailed expertise that it takes to deliver your specialized goods.

Last Mile Logistics has your back.

Last Mile Logistics has your back.

We are a full-service logistics & freight management provider, let us take care of your shipping needs.



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