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Truckload shipping is a transportation method where a shipment is loaded onto an entire truck, usually a 53-foot trailer, and transported directly from the shipper’s location to the consignee’s destination without any intermediate stops for other cargo. This means that the entire truck is dedicated to one shipment.

The standard dimensions of a truckload shipment typically involve a 53-foot-long trailer with a width of 102 inches and a height of around 13.5 feet, allowing for a maximum volume capacity of about 2,400 to 3,000 cubic feet.

Truckload services are commonly used by a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, agriculture, automotive, consumer goods, and construction. Any business with large quantities of goods to transport may benefit from truckload services.

The benefits of using truckload services include

  • faster transit times
  • reduced handling and risk of damage
  • cost-efficiency for large shipments
  • dedicated capacity for a shipper’s goods

An added value we offer in truckload is eliminating accessorial and product reclassification charges. The rates are tailored to meet requirements, and service is faster than other modes like LTL and Rail. Finally, we provide multiple pick-ups and delivery options that suit your needs.

Pricing for truckload services is influenced by factors such as distance, shipment weight, shipment volume, the type of cargo (hazardous, oversized, or standard), fuel costs, and market demand and supply.

Our marketing and freight management teams respond daily to online and offline bid requests and customer surveys. Our cost estimator tracks market conditions, which include fuel surcharge changes, current and anticipated weather conditions, freight seasonality, and regional equipment capacity availability to provide the most competitive, deliverable price and service.

Common truckload shipping types include dry vans for general freight, refrigerated trucks for temperature-sensitive goods, flatbeds for oversized or unconventional cargo, and tankers for liquid cargo.

Last Mile Logistics specializes in providing expedited services for shippers who have less than 24 hours to get their product moving. To move your expedited freight, Last Mile Logistics will draw from a full range of motor carriers who are continuously scrutinized in several key safety and performance areas to ensure the highest quality and on-time service.

Freight brokerage is crucial in facilitating truckload shipments by connecting shippers with carriers. Brokers match the specific transportation needs of shippers with available carriers, negotiate rates, handle documentation, and ensure timely delivery.

Companies should consider factors like the carrier’s safety record, insurance coverage, capacity, geographic coverage, pricing, service quality, and compatibility with the shipper’s specific needs to select the right truckload carrier. A thorough vetting process and checking references can help ensure a suitable partnership.

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Less than truckload is the best option if your shipping doesn’t have a strict arrival time and the products are firm/substantial and if you are on a tight budget. If you have items that need to be delivered at a specific date and time, then a whole truckload is a service you need..

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