November 10, 2022

What is the difference between logistics and supply chain?

Challenging activities such as sending, moving, receiving, and storing goods are crucial to the success of the supply chain. Outside this environment, “logistics” and “supply chain” barely became synonymous. However, there are significant differences between the faculties, inputs, and outputs of each one. It is only now possible to understand the relationship between commerce and supply chains.

What is logistics?

Shortly, logistics is a specialized part of a more critical collaborative effort in a supply chain process. Logistics is a small but critical part of the supply chain process dedicated to coordinating the shipping and storage of goods and services across the chain. Logistics move goods from one place to another. An efficient logistics system is all about cost-benefit and adequate transportation.

What is a supply chain?

With an overall view of logistics, a supply chain refers to the links and connections between business collaborators, suppliers, manufacturers, logistics specialists, wholesalers, retailers, and customers. The supply chain generally overlooks and manages the services from manufacturing, delivery, and the final destination.

A supply channel might involve several logistics partners since every part of the production and distribution course has different needs.

  • Suppliers. They provide the raw materials that others shall transform into finished products.
  • Manufacturers. They fabricate products from natural materials to other inputs.
  • Wholesalers. They purchase large quantities of goods to distribute them to stores or outlets.
  • Retailers. They sell finished products to the final customers.
Truck 3D graphic

Logistic management in supply chain management

Logistic management is essential to overall service because all partners above need to move their goods. Logistics takes care of the transportation, warehousing, handling of items, fleet management, inventory, order fulfillment, and coordination with all the supply chain collaborators.

Supply chain management takes care of the whole process, while logistics focuses on transportation, storage, and delivery of goods and services.

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