December 18, 2023

How to Protect Your Business From a Delivery Theft

In business-to-business transportation, timely and secure delivery of goods is critical for maintaining client satisfaction and trust. That’s why the supply chain stakeholders are continuously concerned about improving their freight security. Double brokering, a prevalent method of carrier fraud, has expanded its reach, forcing transportation companies to invest in safer and more trustworthy logistics processes. However, this is one of many challenges freight companies face regarding delivery theft.

Types of B2B Delivery Theft

Reports suggest a significant increase in B2B parcel delivery theft cases in recent years. This rise is attributed to the vulnerability of unsecured delivery networks.

  • In 2022, porch pirates stole over 250 million packages
  • Almost 1 billion dollars worth of freight was subject to theft last year
  • About 70% of supply chain theft can be traced to insider involvement
  • Over 15% of cargo theft claims originated in fraud or deception

These incidents result in direct financial losses and damage a company’s reputation and credibility.

Tech-Enabled Solutions as a Defense

Fortunately, advancements in technology offer solutions to mitigate these risks. Electronic Proof of Delivery devices with advanced tracking capabilities have emerged as a promising tool to prevent B2B delivery theft. These devices provide real-time tracking, enabling businesses to monitor their shipments throughout the delivery process. They offer a digital record of delivery, including timestamps and recipient confirmation, ensuring accountability and transparency.

b2b delivery

Implementing Preventive Measures

While technology can significantly reduce the risk of B2B delivery theft, businesses must remain vigilant. A proactive and adaptable approach to safeguard shipments is required because thieves employ constantly evolving tactics.

At Last Mile Logistics, we leverage our cloud-based solution, SunConnect, to take proactive steps to protect shipments and preserve trust and confidence within your delivery processes. Stay informed, remain cautious, and embrace innovative solutions with an experienced transportation partner.