November 24, 2022

What are you thankful for this year? – Thanksgiving 2022

There are a lot of similarities between the planes, trains, and automobiles that get people to their destinations and the freight & shipments industry that helps to deliver the ingredients for our Thanksgiving dinners. They are both crucial elements for a transportation system that moves over 55 million people annually.

What is Thanksgiving about?

However, at this time, Thanksgiving should not be about numbers and statistics. It is not about the amount of food, groceries, or decoration that has been moved around the country. It is about something other than the complicated and specialized process of a supply chain that must ensure the freshness and quality of every load.

It is about the people. Those who make all of this possible and those whom we all are thankful for. At Last Mile Logistics, we can not be grateful enough for being part of this beautiful community, sharing the road with our fabulous vendor partners, and having the fantastic opportunity of last-mile delivering tons of goods to many fascinating customers.

We are thankful for you

This Thanksgiving 2022 will be another occasion that brings loved ones, friends, and families together. To all of them, we send our warmest wishes. We are thankful for you.

Let’s start this Holiday season by recognizing and honoring the men and women of the freight industry that make every festive celebration possible. Let us handle your shipments as if they were our own; we have the technology, the expertise, and the best-qualified professionals to take care of everything you need.

At Last Mile Logistics, we join the thankfulness by knowing, proudly, that when you look around the table, there is a huge chance that at least one of the items that you utilize for the dinner has been delivered by us. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving dinner