April 5, 2023

Benefits of Partnering with a Non-Asset-Based Carrier

Change has been a constant in the trucking industry, and the turmoil of recent events in the logistics world has made businesses restructure their supply chain processes. In addition, in late times, legislation has empowered non-asset-based 3PL companies by making the market significantly safer for shippers.

The non-asset-based model of business has lately gone further with new technologies, offering global expertise. Here are some benefits that define what a non-asset-based carrier is.

non-asset truck

Access to unlimited experiences and knowledge

Asset-based 3PL providers utilize their own resources, fleets, and materials. Though that idea might seem the better choice, there could be a smaller offering that could affect your productivity.

On the other hand, when you partner with a non-asset-based carrier, you get a whole team that will help you to enhance your supply chain operations. The overall network of your logistics provider becomes part of your business strategy.

In this situation, your freight might have multiple or unlimited options available instead of a single network. There will always be the chance to divert and access additional resources to keep your operations running efficiently.

Flexible solutions

Every business focusing on growing will see scalability as essential to its future success. Companies should keep on track as market trends change and adapt to sometimes unpredictable forecasts.

Analytics tools might help to foresee and predict future trends and accurate metrics, but they are not infallible. That is why you need a flexible solution that suits your business’s requirements. A non-asset-based logistics provider can meet these demands, as flexibility is the most valuable benefit they could give you.

non-asset logistics

Optimization of the existing supply chain

If you work with an asset-based carrier, improving your processes could be limited since the provider owns all the supply chain assets. Therefore, you will get the benefit but not the knowledge.

In a non-asset relationship, the whole network works for your business and creates ongoing optimization that would help you enhance your operations workflow. As a result, even if the broker or carrier and the shipper part ways in the future, the knowledge and expertise will remain in both parties.

We benefit when you benefit

As with every successful business relationship, partnering with a non-asset-based 3PL should be based on mutual trust. This consulting model is built on working with several partners to access more resources. When you have the door open to several options, you can select the one that suits you best cost-effectively.

With a non-asset 3PL, you can access a better rate because it is in the carrier’s best interest to monitor the accuracy of your operations. Lastly, both parties should work together to increase profit margins by reducing inefficiencies, identifying problems, and seizing opportunities within the freight operations.

We are proud to offer trustworthy services specially tailored for you. Our services will make it easier to focus on mastering other aspects of the company and alleviate stress. At Last Mile Logistics, we will consider ourselves part of your extended network.