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Overnight Shipping

Utilizing unparalleled logistics to deliver shipments promptly.

Overnight Shipping professionals

The overnight shipping team from Last Mile Logistics powered by Sunteck may assist you in moving time-sensitive freight rapidly if there are delays resulting from capacity limitations, late products arriving at your business, crucial parts for malfunctioning equipment, or if you need customized goods. We can assist you if you need to arrive at a venue swiftly.

Our overnight shipping team is on call around the clock. No matter the size or type of goods, we can move it promptly and securely to the required location. We currently maintain an incredible 99.3% consistency in on-time delivery.

Our overnight shipping team fleet consists of cargo and sprinter vans, air ride 24,26, and 28 foot straight trucks with lift gates, and 53-foot tractor-trailers.

Retailers, advertisers, e-commerce shippers, industrial manufactures and distributors, athletic teams, banks, automotive companies, and technology companies are just some of the key shippers that commonly utilize expedited shipping.

Other services that utilize overnight shipping:

Yes- we move all types of specialized freight for high-end medical technology, health and beauty, athletic products, the energy industry, and various home goods.

overnight shipping

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Looking for an overnight shipping partner?

Doesn’t matter the size or industry: health & beauty, industrial products, or sports & fitness.

The Last Mile Logistics expedited shipping team excels in the custom delivery and detailed expertise that it takes to deliver your specialized goods.

Last Mile Logistics has your back.

Last Mile Logistics has your back.

We are a full-service logistics & freight management provider, let us take care of your shipping needs.



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