October 15, 2023

Evaluating Your Business Logistics? Ask About White Glove Services

There are many reasons for starting an evaluation of your company’s logistics and shake up current operations. Whether to maximize savings, add new shipping routes to serve new locations and customers, or add resilience by diversifying carriers, an evaluation can occur for multiple reasons. Businesses change by the day, and large corporations usually perform a logistics evaluation at the end of their fiscal period in order to make projections for the coming year.

One of the most important decisions a new business owner can make as part of a go-to-market strategy is selecting the correct 3PL partner. This guide will help clarify the right methodology to rate partners during an evaluation so you can find a vendor that meets your shipping needs at the best price point for your area.

Whether you plan to open a restaurant, showroom, art gallery, or any other venture, setting up your business can be exciting and scary. However, a secret weapon can significantly ease the burden and make your journey considerably smoother: white glove services from a trustworthy transportation company.

white glove services

What are white glove services?

White glove services involve a higher level of care and attention to detail, ensuring that your valuable goods and equipment are handled with maximum precision and caution. These services cover everything from packaging, transportation, installation, debris removal, and equipment setup.

Why do you need white glove services when starting a business?

white glove services

How to choose the right white glove service provider

Choosing a reputable transportation company is essential when considering white-glove services for your business setup. Look for reviews, ask for referrals, and ensure they have experience handling your business’s specific needs.

At Last Mile Logistics, we know that starting a business can be challenging, but our white glove services can make it more manageable for you. So, if you’re starting a new business, don’t overlook the power of white glove services to give you that much-needed edge. Your business deserves the best. So please call us if you have an RFP or wish to speak with a trustworthy pro.