January 5, 2023

Expedited Shipping: A Quick Guide for Businesses

Today’s global economy is moving at a breakneck pace. Therefore, having a reliable shipping service is vital for businesses. Pressing deliveries that are time sensitive can be a difference between success and failure.

The shipping industry is going through many changes. With many groundbreaking disruptions, the value of time-sensitive freight is becoming higher.

Expedited shipping is the future norm of delivery, but there are many things that we still need to understand about it.

What does expedited shipping mean?

Expedited shipping is a shipping method that ensures packages arrive faster than regular transit times. To fast-track the process, trucks with expedited shipments rarely make additional stops to ensure the client’s most urgent demands are met. Instead, expedited shipments generally move directly from pickup to delivery. Furthermore, companies offering this service typically carry loads in a single truck with a couple of drivers, who work shifts to decrease transit and loading times.

fast delivery truck

How fast is expedited shipping?

The actual time it takes for a package to arrive through expedited shipping compared to standard shipping may differ depending on how far it needs to travel and if it’s crossing any national or international borders.

In addition, even an expedited package may be delayed in customs between countries. However, while it varies from carrier to carrier, the average expedited shipping time for major freight is between 2-3 days, a day or two faster when compared to standard shipping.

Is it worth the cost?

No matter the size, all shipments can be expedited. If your business needs freight delivered within a rigid time frame, the expedited shipping cost is worth it. Likewise, the extra fees provide the advantages of speed, real-time delivery updates, less handling, and additional security of the goods.

Expedited shipping

Who needs expedited shipping?

Companies that need expedited shipping include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical facilities in need of emergency tools and supplies.

  • Manufacturing businesses that have deadlines that demand prompt inventory restocking.

  • Manufacturing when critical machinery breaks down and parts are needed to maintain operations.

  • Seasonal products.

  • Food products.

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