July 10, 2023

Four Ways Technology Can Boost Your Delivery Times

If the world were perfect, shippers would be able to fulfill customers’ requests for speedy deliveries without paying extra fees for expedited shipping. However, since this is only sometimes possible, technology can come to the rescue and assist shippers in meeting stricter delivery deadlines.

These technological solutions offer various benefits, such as improved visibility, optimized routes and loads, data-sharing capabilities, effective matching of shippers and carriers, and digital documentation. In addition, using innovative delivery tools can also reduce delivery times while favoring a decrease in costs in the long term.

Businesses are accelerating their urge to get faster delivery on almost every shipment they order. That’s why expedited freight forwarders rely more and more on these new technologies to meet their clients’ “I want it now” kind of expectations.

freight technology

A single intelligent software

Our online, web-based solution, “SunConnect,” provides our clients with electronic order entry and email notification for several functions, including order creation, pick up, and proof of delivery. The SunConnect system allows our customers to adjust based on several variables, including route efficiency, load times, lane assignments, and other key factors affecting the overall bottom line regarding transportation and supply chain spending.

At Last Mile Logistics, we understand your shipments need immediate attention on a strict schedule. Our expedited team will provide your business with a reliable service. So please, call us if you have an RFP or any concerns.