March 13, 2023

Is Expedited Shipping a Good Choice for My Business?

In order to meet their demand, most businesses are concerned about keeping their inventory stocked appropriately. That’s why they value delivery speed when they choose their transportation partners. We know expedited shipping might be a tough decision if we speak of costs; however, as retailers pursue to differentiate themselves from competitors, last-mile deliveries become a critical issue.

Expedited shipping is more than just a way of prioritizing shipments so that they take less time to go from one point to another. It has become an added value proposition for businesses and is at the top of the list of fulfillment priorities.

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Is there a considerable demand for expedited shipping?

With growing online commerce, companies have higher expectations regarding delivery times. As it always has been, businesses that can quickly fulfill orders will obtain a competitive advantage in their shipper’s eyes. It is a simple idea that has been proven through time.

The demand for expedited shipping is making companies look much more carefully at their order fulfillment processes. At the end of the line, retailers need their shelves to be adequately stocked. So the first question they will ask is how long does it take?

How many days will it take? This question is becoming obsolete because speed is becoming the new norm. For many shippers, fast means 2-day or even same-day deliveries. Of course, expedited shipping might be costly; but the last mile is where buyers are either satisfied or not.

Is expedited shipping overpriced?

Businesses have become accustomed to receiving orders in two days or less, no matter the logistical complexity. They want to receive goods when they need them. Moreover, they are increasingly expecting more interaction with suppliers.

The good news is that expedited shipping is not necessarily more expensive than standard shipping. There are many strategies to run cost-efficient deliveries. For example, a smaller vehicle might be an affordable solution if the shipment is less than a truckload but needs faster delivery.

3pl logistics providers

The future of expedited shipping

There have been many attempts to take goods closer to streamlined supply chains. Nevertheless, it is in technology that the future of expedited shipping relies on. Utilizing data to predict buyers’ demand, installing intelligent inventory management systems, and researching omnichannel fulfillment technology are key factors to succeed in the future.

At Last Mile Logistics, we have the experience to adapt our service to the particular needs of each of our partners. So please, call us if you have any questions about expedited shipping or other concerns.