May 18, 2023

Late Freight? It Could Be Time to Consider Expedited Shipping

The business world has dealt with shipping delays for a long time. In this industry, time is money, and wasting and losing one equals wasting and losing the other. That’s why logistics companies created expedited shipping, which means, in simple terms, a process to move freight faster than usual.

While standard deliveries can seem cheaper in the eyes of a client, most of them are not free of shipping disruptions that can affect delivery times. Therefore, expedited shipping is the fastest and highest-service way to move freight, especially those that fall outside the usual shipping requirements regarding handling, urgency, or value.

Common freight shipping delays

There could be several reasons for a shipping delay, including those inherent to every industry’s particularities.

However, some are more likely to happen, such as:

  • Weather delays – Nobody can control the weather, and not even specialists can predict it accurately. Because of this, storms, flooding, or rain might affect the ability of large trucks to drive through an impacted region.

  • Seasonal delays – The increased demand for goods during holidays or peak seasons means more trucks are needed to move the additional freight. Hence, this might lead to delays due to a high volume of orders to fulfill.

  • Traffic delays – Accidents, construction, or traffic jams might lead to shipping delays because freight trucks share the road with other vehicles, especially during last-mile deliveries.

  • Extraordinary event delays – Unusual circumstances or hard-to-predict events may affect the shipping time. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed many processes that still have ripple effects.

expedited shipping trucks

Ready for expedited shipping?

If time is the most precious benefit you need from your transportation partner, consider booking an expedited shipping service. If your shipment is of critical importance, expedited shipping is your best option. Expedited shipping is guaranteed to deliver your freight at least two days before standard shipping.

Many of the obstacles that lead to shipping delays may seem unavoidable. However, working with the right freight partner will give you the planning and preparation necessary to reduce, if not avoid, shipping delays.

At Last Mile Logistics, we work with a trustworthy network of carriers that should help your business to take several advantages to ensure quality, on-time deliveries. So please, call us if you have an RFP. We are ready to align our solutions with your business needs.