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The best logistics partner for the state of Idaho

The best logistics partner for the state of Idaho

About Idaho

Idaho has a long history of being home to various native peoples for thousands of years before European settlers arrived. Initially, Idaho was considered part of the Oregon Country in the early 19th century. Later, it was included in the Washington Territory and Oregon Territory before being recognized as a state on July 3, 1890, becoming the 43rd state of the United States.

Many people wonder how Idaho got its name since there is no record of any other similar name. The truth is that Idaho was a made-up name. Initially, the state’s name was rejected because it had no Indian ties, but Congress ultimately decided to name it Idaho due to its association with wealth and fortune.

Idaho is the 14th largest state by area in the U.S., but it is the 7th least densely populated. Its capital and largest city is Boise.

Agriculture has been Idaho’s most significant sector historically, with the state’s potato crop being well-known. Idaho’s agricultural industry supplies around one-third of the country’s produce. Additionally, due to its industrial corridors, Idaho’s distribution centers are among the busiest in the nation, attracting many transportation companies.

Idaho capital

Key Industries

Key Industries

in Idaho

The state is the home of the Idaho National Laboratory, the Department of Energy’s largest facility. While mining helped develop the first settlements in Idaho territory, agriculture was ultimately recognized as Idaho’s most significant industry. Some other sectors have blossomed in the state, such as:

  • Manufacturing

  • Mining

  • Forestry

  • Tourism

  • Energy

  • Government

  • Defense

Interesting statistics about Idaho shipments

Interesting statistics about Idaho shipments

  • Cereal grains make up 34% of all products moved by truck for the state

  • 72% of Idaho communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods

  • Shipments originating in Idaho are worth 41,405 million dollars every year

  • 75% of the freight in Idaho is moved by truck

  • There are 11,700 trucking companies in Idaho

Facts about freight services in Idaho

Facts about freight services in Idaho

  • Warehouse distribution centers concentrate around Boise, Twin Falls, and Idaho Falls

  • 1 of every 15 jobs in the state are in the trucking industry

  • There are 46,456 miles of public roads in Idaho

  • Trucks move over 65 tons of products in the state every day

  • 48% of commercial trucks in Idaho are powered by zero-emissions technology

Which companies need freight services?
Which companies need freight services?

The trucking industry in Idaho serves a wide range of businesses. Many logistics companies in Idaho help several industries, such as government, energy, tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, and forestry. These industries might benefit from a trustworthy transportation partner.

What services do we provide in this area?
What services do we provide in this area?

At Last Mile Logistics, we deliver a wide range of freight services that will help your business to grow. From expedited shipping to white glove services, we will be your logistics partners along the road.

Superior results through technology

One the greatest challenges today is sourcing capacity that fluctuates with demand in the marketplace. As an intermediary, we carefully consider the qualifications of the truck equipment operators we contract with to service our shipper clients’ needs.

LAST MILE LOGISTICS logisticians rely on their experience and use of proprietary technology to manage and move every shipment. And because shipper clients require a practical risk management approach to doing business, LAST MILE LOGISTICS is one of few brokers that has Primary Truck Broker Liability Insurance ($2 Million policy).

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Find your next shipping partner, watch to learn how Last Mile Logistics can improve your business shipping logistics

Find your next shipping partner, watch to learn how Last Mile Logistics can improve your business shipping logistics

Affiliations & memberships

Affiliations & memberships

We maintain strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations that help improve safety, efficiency, and value for the customer.

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