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We are the leading logistics partner for the state of South Dakota

We are the leading logistics partner for the state of South Dakota

About South Dakota

The land, currently known as South Dakota, was part of the northern Plains territory claimed by the French and later sold to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. It was named after the Dakota Sioux nation, the most significant of the various Native American tribes that inhabited these lands for thousands of years.

In 1889, North and South Dakota became the 39th and 40th states to be admitted into the Union. There was disagreement over which state should be sworn in first, so President Benjamin Harrison did not record the order. The Mount Rushmore National Memorial was started by Gutzon Borglum in 1927. He originally planned to sculpt George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt from head to waist but passed away in 1941 before the project was completed.

South Dakota is the fifth least populous and the 17th largest state in the country. Sioux Falls is the largest city, while Pierre is the state’s capital. Currently, agriculture plays a significant role in South Dakota’s economy. Additionally, the state’s tourism industry is rising, with Mount Rushmore and the Badlands National Park being popular tourist attractions.

South Dakota

Key Industries

Key Industries

in South Dakota

Located just below North Dakota and the upper tier of states bordering Canada, South Dakota is well-positioned for international freight movement. It is also crossed by a major route linking the Northwest Coast and Chicago. Although South Dakota has traditionally been an agricultural-based economy, other sectors have thrived in this environment, such as:

  • Transportation

  • Technology

  • Tourism

  • Government and Defense

  • Service industry

  • Retail

Interesting statistics about South Dakota’s shipments

Interesting Statistics about South Dakota’s shipments

  • Freight movement in South Dakota represents over 8 billion dollars worth every year

  • South Dakota has 82,501 miles of public roads

  • There are almost 140,000 miles of private freight railroad tracks in the state

  • 74% of the goods manufactured in South Dakota are moved by truck

  • 71% of South Dakota communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods

Facts about freight services in South Dakota

Facts about freight services in South Dakota

  • Coal and cereal grains are the most shipped products in South Dakota

  • 40,470 tons of freight are moved every day in South Dakota

  • The trucking industry in South Dakota provides over 21,200 jobs

  • There are 3,650 trucking companies in South Dakota

  • Harsh winters can make freight shipping difficult in some state areas

Which companies need freight services?
Which companies need freight services?

An efficient, safe, and reliable freight transportation network is essential to the state’s economy. Many industries in South Dakota are heavily dependent on freight movement. The logistics companies in the state serve several sectors, such as transportation, agriculture, tourism, government, defense, technology, and service industry. Businesses in South Dakota can benefit from efficient freight services from their transportation partner.

What services do we provide in this area?
What services do we provide in this area?

At Last Mile Logistics, we deliver a wide range of freight services that will help your business to grow. From expedited shipping to white glove services, we will be your logistics partners along the road.

Superior results through technology

One the greatest challenges today is sourcing capacity that fluctuates with demand in the marketplace. As an intermediary, we carefully consider the qualifications of the truck equipment operators we contract with to service our shipper clients’ needs.

LAST MILE LOGISTICS logisticians rely on their experience and use of proprietary technology to manage and move every shipment. And because shipper clients require a practical risk management approach to doing business, LAST MILE LOGISTICS is one of few brokers that has Primary Truck Broker Liability Insurance ($2 Million policy).

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Find your next shipping partner, watch to learn how Last Mile Logistics can improve your business shipping logistics

Find your next shipping partner, watch to learn how Last Mile Logistics can improve your business shipping logistics

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Affiliations & memberships

We maintain strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations that help improve safety, efficiency, and value for the customer.

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