January 2, 2024

What Will Make Us Better in 2024: Striving for Greatness

As we step into the year 2024, the logistics industry is undergoing a rapid evolution. The industry is marked by continuously changing demands, advanced technological innovations, and dynamic challenges. Last Mile Logistics is leading this transformative journey as a pioneering non-asset-based carrier that is committed to providing logistics solutions and unmatched service excellence.

Embracing the Logistics Challenge

Our industry constantly takes on new dimensions, demanding innovative strategies and determined commitment. That’s why you can rely on us, acknowledged as a Triple A-rated company with a remarkable 15-year streak of consistent year-over-year growth. As a member of the EPA SmartWay Partnership and Performance-Certified by the Transportation Intermediaries Association, our commitment to environmental sustainability and industry standards remains relentless.

We are proud to announce that our company has not only achieved the status of being among the top 20 truckload brokers in the United States, but we have gone beyond simple statistics to provide our clients with exceptional service. Our national distribution and logistics team is comprised of over 1000 approved supplier facilities, each equipped with the latest cutting-edge security measures available in the industry. This team exemplifies our unwavering dedication to ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of our client’s cargo. You can rest easy knowing that your shipments are in the hands of professionals who take security seriously.

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Leveraging the SunConnect Edge

SunConnect, a revolutionary online solution designed to empower our clients, is at the heart of our operations. SunConnect transcends geographical boundaries, providing real-time visibility and control over the distribution process. This innovative platform enables electronic order entry, email notifications, and myriad reporting functions, empowering clients to optimize their supply chains, enhance route efficiency, and reduce transportation costs.

In an industry marked by volatility and unforeseen circumstances, We proudly thrive on our adaptability and foresight. With a seasoned staff boasting over 110 years of combined distribution experience, we are ready to help your business adopt the newest transportation trends and emerging technologies.

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A Commitment to Excellence

We have a servant leadership philosophy, prioritizing the needs of everyone involved, our customers, employees, and stakeholders. Our proactive communication approach ensures that issues are addressed swiftly and effectively, promoting a culture of transparency and trust.

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, we remain firm in our pursuit of excellence. Our ability to seamlessly integrate services, provide innovative solutions, and craft contingency plans during challenging times highlights our commitment to your business’ success.

At Last Mile Logistics, we are ready to embrace the future with open arms. Together, let us transcend boundaries and set new standards of excellence in transportation and logistics in 2024.