June 7, 2018

Last Mile Logistics powered by SUNTECKtts wins 2018 ULTA “WOW” Experiences

SUNTECKtts names Last Mile Logistics winner of their “WOW” Experiences award!

“This award goes to a carrier to recognize their efforts in providing a “Wow! Experience” to us, our stores, and our guests. This carrier supports both our truckload business as well as our pool deliveries, our last mile pool deliveries, and YTD has provided service for over 15,000+ of our store deliveries across our network!

As we spoke about earlier, our focus continues to be on our overall service and on time delivery and this carrier has shown the same commitment to delivering in those areas consistently. In addition to their commitment to service, and consistency, in the short amount of time in my role I also want to recognize the partnership you have had and responsiveness to feedback when we have shared focus areas in markets that have areas of opportunity. In those instances, they have been open and responsive to taking action. Our “Wow Experience” award and highest performing OTD award goes to…Last Mile Logistics powered by Sunteck Transport.”