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Pool distribution involves consolidating multiple shipments from a single shipper or multiple shippers at one point of origin. Then the individual shipments / load moves to a specific geographic region, with multiple delivery points within that region for individual shipment delivery.
  • Pool distribution is more efficient than other shipping options as it removes the need for multiple legs on the trip. Typically the most costly miles for a truck are the first and last few miles.
  • Pool distribution cost is based on density and miles, meaning it does not require complex formulas and is more straightforward to calculate the costs.
    Besides density and volume, other factors impacting the efficiency of pool distribution is the distance from the distribution center to the pool point as well as the percent of cubic feet of the truckload trailer that is filled with freight loaded at the distribution center. The greater the mileage from origin distribution center to destination pool and the higher percentage cube of the truckload trailer, the greater the cost savings potential.
  • Pool distribution is faster as your shipment will be making fewer stops & makes it easy to track your shipment.
  • By placing fewer trucks on the road you are doing your part to reduce carbon footprint. Pooling shipments is a great way to begin “going green” & to consume less fuel.
  • Accurate inbound (over, short & damage) receiving reporting.
  • Timely reporting & accurate invoicing.
  • Consolidating freight from a single shipper or multiple shippers from one single point of origin.
  • LML provides domestic pool distribution /last mile distribution services through an approved network of more than 1000 approved distribution vendors that specialize in regional and national distribution services.

Building a loyal customer base is critical to your success, and a good way to do this is to begin to understand their needs and wants. For example, eCommerce customers don’t like having to wait, partly because the internet has conditioned them for instant gratification.

Improved technology has made same-day shipping and delivery a feasible way to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. That’s exactly where we come in.

Implementing a new strategy requires a change in thinking, process changes, & coordination with the right Third Party Logistics provider along with possibly making commitments on volumes to get the best pricing.
  • Select a 3PL pool provider that has an established network in the regions / markets where you & your customers have a need.
  • Select a 3PL pool provider that ship compatible products.
  • Select a 3PL pool provider that has the necessary systems & technology.
  • Select a 3PL pool provider that has 24 X7 visibility, an established record regarding chain of custody, & has the ability to provide up to date freight status from a single source.
  • Select a 3 PL pool provider that has a proven track record with scanning, track & tracing, reporting, web interface, & written SOP’s by customer.
  • Select a 3 PL pool provider that is available 24 X 7 … 365 days a year.

Pool Distribution strategy is being applied by companies to eliminate the pressure on transportation capacity & availability along with reducing costs & risk.

Our goal is to be a single contact strategic partner for our shippers to get their products delivered on time , intact, and at the right price. To deliver upon that goal we have coverage in all 50 states with the capacity to achieve your distribution goals and requirements.

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