January 13, 2021

The Advantages of Pool Distribution

What is Pool Distribution?

Pool distribution is the process of consolidating different shipments with others that are heading to the same geographic region. Pool distribution is typically shipped together with other products from the exact origin to a location closer to the consignees and sorted there. Using a full trailer to transport the pooled or consolidated shipments to a single regional distribution center, or “pool point facility,” located within the central area hub, where they are then offloaded, re-sorted, and sent out for delivery to their final destinations.

Major Uses

You need to have sufficient volume going to the same geographic region with a critical mass of consignees for pool distribution to work. This is different from a multi-stop full truckload option & without enough volume or density of destinations, a shipper may be better off using a less than truckload approach.

Shippers of any size can pool their goods to save transit time and money because, with the help of an established third-party logistics provider like Last Mile Logistics powered by SUNTECKtts, you can easily take part in pool distribution. Third-party logistics providers like Last Mile Logistics powered by SUNTECKtts help companies increase service & reduce expenses involved in distributing the product(s) to their customers.

The benefits of pool distribution:

Today’s technology allows for real-time tracking and automated optimization tools.

Once you integrate technology into your pool distribution strategy, you are on your way to improved service & cost efficiency.

Trucks pooling resources