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Full logistics & freight management provider for the state of Wisconsin

Full logistics & freight management provider for the state of Wisconsin

About Wisconsin

Wisconsin, located in the upper Midwest, has been inhabited by various native cultures for over 15,000 years, including the Oneota and Mississippian cultures. The French were likely the first Europeans to explore the area, and they named it Ouisconsin, altering the spelling of the Meskousing River. In the 19th century, English speakers changed the name to Wisconsin.

In 1783, after the American Revolution War, Wisconsin became a possession of the United States and was subsequently part of Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan territories. The growing population of the lands allowed Wisconsin to gain statehood in 1848 and then became the 30th state of the Union. Madison is the state’s capital, and Milwaukee is the largest city, metropolitan area, and economic hub.

The state is also known as “America’s Dairyland” due to its country’s leadership in dairy production, particularly in the cheese industry. Wisconsin is also famous for its historic Milwaukee beer. The state’s economy is dominated by healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture. Wisconsin warehousing companies utilize the state’s location to serve many transportation companies’ needs.

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Key Industries

Key Industries

in Wisconsin

Many manufacturing companies are among the state’s most prominent enterprises; therefore, the manufacturing industry has accounted for much of Wisconsin’s economy. In addition, the dairy industry plays a vital role in generating billions of dollars annually. Other sectors that thrive in Wisconsin include:

  • Transportation

  • Information technology

  • Manufacturing

  • Agriculture

  • Food and beverage industry

  • Healthcare

  • Tourism

Interesting statistics about Wisconsin’s shipments

Interesting statistics about Wisconsin’s shipments

  • 85% of Wisconsin’s shipments are moved by truck

  • The trucking industry in Wisconsin provides 164,090 jobs

  • 1 of every 15 jobs in the state belongs to the trucking industry

  • 77% of Wisconsin communities rely exclusively on trucks to move their goods

  • 50% of the Wisconsin-originated shipments travel less than 50 miles

Facts about freight services in Wisconsin

Facts about freight services in Wisconsin

  • There are 20,810 trucking companies in Wisconsin

  • 244,590 tons of freight are moved within the state every day

  • Over 300 million dollars worth of cargo are moved in Wisconsin every day

  • Wisconsin accounts for around 2% of the country’s freight shipments

  • Wisconsin has 115,145 miles of public roads

Does your business need freight services?
Does your business need freight services?

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation reckons dairy freight is a significant player in the state’s economic development. In addition, the brewing industry takes advantage of Wisconsin’s access to major midwestern cities, like Chicago or Detroit, to move their products. Many logistics companies help the tourism, agriculture, information technology, and manufacturing sectors. These industries might benefit from a trustworthy transportation partner.

What services do we provide in this area?
What services do we provide in this area?

At Last Mile Logistics, we deliver a wide range of freight services that will help your business to grow. From expedited shipping to white glove services, we will be your logistics partners along the road.

Superior results through technology

One the greatest challenges today is sourcing capacity that fluctuates with demand in the marketplace. As an intermediary, we carefully consider the qualifications of the truck equipment operators we contract with to service our shipper clients’ needs.

LAST MILE LOGISTICS logisticians rely on their experience and use of proprietary technology to manage and move every shipment. And because shipper clients require a practical risk management approach to doing business, LAST MILE LOGISTICS is one of few brokers that has Primary Truck Broker Liability Insurance ($2 Million policy).

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Find your next shipping partner, watch to learn how Last Mile Logistics can improve your business shipping logistics

Find your next shipping partner, watch to learn how Last Mile Logistics can improve your business shipping logistics

Affiliations & memberships

Affiliations & memberships

We maintain strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations that help improve safety, efficiency, and value for the customer.

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