June 2, 2022

What Are The 7 R’s Of Logistics?

Have you ever wondered how companies manage to deliver your product(s) from one side of the country to your business? This extensive task is completed through a ton of organization, precision, and logistics.

This article will discuss the importance of the 7 Rs of logistics, what they mean, and why they are essential for your company.

1. The Right Product

This term encompasses the product or products the company can deliver and handle. Depending on the product, the company might have to adjust the logistics and supply chain to ensure a smooth and efficient operation. The more components in a delivery, the more complex this process can become.

2. The Right Quantity

Probably one of the most critical steps in the supply chain. It is essential to know the products’ demand and how much the company can supply. Being knowledgeable of demand and supply will prevent undesired overproduction of a product.

If this process is not in line, the company might not be able to supply the product and won’t have the necessary equipment, transportation, or resources to deliver the product to the final customer.

ensuring quantity of shipments

3. Right Condition

If the products are not stored in the right place to maintain the right conditions of these goods, then the whole supply chain falls apart. Practical storage will enable us to have better logistics. If there are setbacks, good storage is helpful to keep your goods under the right conditions.

4. The Right Place

Even though this term might sound similar to the last “R” in this model, the right place in logistics refers to keeping track of the item. It knows at which stage of the delivery process is, which enables both companies and customers to know if the goods are in the right place at the right time. Tracking systems are essential to make this happen.

5. The Right Time

In the supply chain, this is a crucial element. Right place and tracking systems help to know the right time. However, managing how we can change the delivery times is entirely different. This element also addresses the different time zones. Bearing in mind different time zones is crucial to avoid delays when delivering the items.

tracking shipment to ensure timely delivery

6. The Right Price

This element considers all the prices involved in this process. From tracking systems, fuel, storage delivery, and maintenance, companies need to keep in mind the cost of every part of this process to get ROI (return on investment) after delivery. Usually, there is a standardized price for the world of delivery and white glove services.

7. The Right Customer

Understanding your customer needs is essential to providing the best supply chain possible. If you intend to provide services across the country or over the seas, you need to have the necessary equipment and transportation to fulfill the customer’s needs.

Why is it important?

If you are starting a business or already have one and want to start distributing your product across the country, the 7 R’s of logistics is an excellent model for developing a supply chain plan. At Last Mile Logistics, we have the experience and means to manage your freight and logistics requirements and be your trusted shipping partner. Contact us today so we can help you deliver anything anywhere!

courier taking shipment to destination