May 30, 2022

What is Final Mile Delivery?

In transportation, retailing, and supply chain, the final mile or last mile is an idiom that refers to the last step of the delivery. It is, in other words, the delivery of the product to the final consumer – a warehouse or a retail store.

Amazon is an excellent example of final mile delivery and logistics in transportation. The process is referred to as final mile delivery, from buying a product to delivering it to you.

Logistics behind Final Mile delivery

Even though it might look simple, there is a concentrated logistics effort behind the whole delivery system. Once the clients place the orders, the goods are shipped to the transportation hub then the warehouse staff scans the orders before the products or goods are loaded into the vehicles. Finally, the order is delivered to its destination.

It is also important to point out that there are different types of transportation. These are divided into two categories.

Now that we understand final mile delivery, we can dig deeper into the challenges this shipping process faces.

This part of the process is the most expensive for many professional delivery companies. It involves complex components like warehousing, delivery, technology, and fulfillment. This type of delivery is the highest cost since it affects everything from insurance, fuel, and labor costs. Unfortunately, these factors are variable in cost, which means the delivery price will vary as market prices fluctuate.

Shipment tracking

Delivery tracking

Usually, when an order is placed, the transportation company will send you an email within 1-2 days that contains a unique code for you to track the estimated delivery date. With heavy goods, issues can occur, and there will always be a phone number in case of issues or any problems in the logistics.

Last Mile Logistics Delivery

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